ANPQP - Alliance New Product Quality Procedure

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Quality is everyone's responsibility” W. Edwards Deming, U.S. Statistician & Quality Guru.

In a modern car up to 70 % of all its components, based on total cost price, are not produced by the Car Manufacturer but sourced from suppliers. Each component from a supplier represents the end-product of a complex manufacturing process – from planning and development validation, turning design blueprints into prototypes, performance testing to the final mass production. Therefore ANPQP has been developed to define the Renault and Nissan requirements for suppliers from the initial project planning to the end of the product life.

ANPQP description

ANPQP requires quality tests to be conducted on every single component, which can cover up to 387 criteria depending on the component. The more complex the component, the more closely Renault and Nissan must work with the supplier to ensure its quality standards are met.

ANPQP also helps to harmonise the Alliance’s car platforms and engine families to reduce cost and increase productivity. Renault and Nissan mutually recognise the level of results of product/process required independent of project. From a supplier’s perspective it reduces the obligation to conform to two different sets of requirements and this thereby reduces repeat work, the regulatory workload and uncertainty.

Renault-Nissan Alliance and its suppliers

ANPQP is based upon the structure of QS9000 APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning and Control Plan). The Purpose of ANPQP is to specify the methods and responsibilities whereby the supplier is required to develop new products to achieve the Alliance targets for Quality, Cost & Delivery (QCD), and associated customer expectations.

ANPQP applies to all external suppliers of:
  • Vehicle parts
  • Modular Assemblies (CPM, FEM etc.)
  • Powertrain Parts / Units
  • Service Parts 

ANPQP can also apply to external suppliers of direct materials and in-house suppliers of production parts.

How can Renault-Nissan Consulting help?

Renault-Nissan Consulting offers you comprehensive training that enables you:
  • To have the means to apply ANPQP
  • To understand how ANPQP fits into the Renault and Nissan new product development process
  • To effectively manage projects using ANPQP
  • To advise the users of ANPQP
  • To understand the purpose and customer expectations of the ANPQP activities

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